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A friend of mine shot a fox last night on a permission he has and was asked to take the foxes out due to chooks being eaten. I've always wanted a brush so how could I sort out a fox brush  so I could keep the next one he bags over the next couple of weeks? Is there a fool proof way to preserve  any hints and tips would be great. Cheers in advance matty

Hi Matt, the answer could be closer than you think.....
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To remove and cure a fox tail

1 shoot your fox
2 cut round the tail skin close to its vent
3 get two pieces of stick ,about as thick as your little finger about 6 inches long
4 put the sticks each side of the tail where you cut it,grip the sticks on both ends so that you make sort of a fox tail sandwich and pull upwards keeping the sticks tight together as you pull.The result will be the tail skin will pull of leaving the bone connected to the carcass.
5 Wash the now skinned brush in cold soapy water and let it air dry .
6 Go to the chemist or some BOOTS stores and get yourself a packet of BORAX POWDER (about £2 and will do about 20 brushes).
7 Open up the hole where the bone came from and with a bit of strong wire poke borax down the hole making sure it gets right down to the end.
8 When its full i usually cut a piece of wood so that it plugs the hole in the end tap in a couple of tacks so it wont fall out and thats it ,Hang it up in the shed and leave it for 3 weeks or so take out the wood plug empty out exess borax and put a decent piece of wood in the end to make a smart handle ------Hey Presto you have a profesional looking trophy as good as any taxidermist would sell you (take it from me i used to be one )

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