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Perch dinner.

Got out for two hours with a good friend who lives on Keuka Lake until the wind kicked up.  We killed a few dozen fathead minnows and were rewarded with about 3# of perch fillets.


loks like 2 hours well spent Jim

I've eaten them at Flatirons and they are delicious.

Nice haul,

Do you cook/fry them, and what do you eat with them, not chips and vinagar I bet.

FlatIron seems to have the knack for catching them.  Never would give me any lessons...

We normally dip them in Drake's fish batter for a quick deep fry and yes, chips and vinegar.  What else!

Dinner tonight after a golf outing (I never golf) with our staff from work.  Great day, good to get out with them on something other than work, warm (72) before the front moved in, shot a 67 on a par 36 (amazing for me) and plenty of beverages.

Came home to meet my lovely bride and cooked up the perch from the weekend.  Enough left over for dinner tomorrow.

The best coating we've found so far...

Time to catch some more...


"BB" try all purpose flour mixed to a batter with cold beer.

Flatiron had to get some vinegar in especially for me. Apparently, salt and vinegar isn't something thats done with fish and chips in America.
It reminds of when I was a kid and we had a cone of chips in Belgium. I was amazed to see that they put knobs of butter on their chips.

When I was a kid I lived in Stamford Hill in North London, which had a large Jewish community. they used to love any perch we caught.

I've never tried them myself though.

Years ago, I use to take them often and either grill them, or bake in foil. They are one of the best tasting white fish, better than Cod in my opinion.

Havent caught one over 1 & 1/2lbs in years, so I have returned them all alive.

These days I do take the odd Zander (cousin of the Walleye) for the pot, but thats all.
Grandma Bodger

youve set my taste buds going I could just eat a plate of those perch they look georgeous ah well I,ll have a look in the slow cooker

I've only just realised Jim, but I've actually fished on Keuka Lake.

Used to catch loads of these when I was a child, never ate one though.

I've only just realised Jim, but I've actually fished on Keuka Lake.

We'll I'm guessing if you were well behaved we might let you back?  

adirondack-jim wrote:
  yes, chips and vinegar.  What else!

OH makes a wicked mustard sauce which goes well with fish, also I like tartar sauce with fish.

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