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Penny Farm Horse Welfare stables.

had a lovely afternoon weith Tom and the missus, looking at, grooming and stroking horses. Tom had fun and the charidee got a bit of dosh,,FREE entry but we bought some tat    ooh anf he got a BIG cup cake...

we were not the only hungry ones....

now thats a lot of saddles

everyone loves a wee pony

even more if its a spotty wee pony

foals and boys cant stop them filling their faces

really enjoyed ourselves, cost next to nowt and what little we spent went to a good cause, place was packed no surprises why, great afternoon!

I would want to bring them all home

Thanks for letting us join you by photo that looks a great place to go and think I would have joined him in the cake too   They are great looking horses

       Over the Gate Forum Index -> I've been to...
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