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Himself's doing the 5:2 diet thing. He certainly doesn't need to lose weight but his family has a history of high blood pressure and for some reason the 5:2 has dropped his into the safe zone so two days a week he lives on less than 600calories.
It would do my head in; I can be a total bitch when I'm trying to diet, so let's not go there.

Anyway, after a lunch of salad with nothing added, he has either porridge or peasebrose for his dinner.
When we were growing up peasemeal could be bought in every grocer's shop. It was common food. See the hassle I had finding it recently ??  
Turns out that it's a Scottish/Northern English thing and there's only one mill making the meal now.
Basically it's the little yellow field peas that are first roasted and then ground.
You can make it at home these days with a coffee grinder but it's a lot simpler just being able to buy a bag.

Beremeal too seems to be going the way of the dodo….why? they're good food, they're grown in the UK good food, they don't need high tech chemical soups polluting the soil to grow them either.

Yet every kind of weird African and South American grain and legume is claimed to be good for us and sold at extortionate prices, while our own good foods are forgotten and abandoned to a side show at a heritage centre.

Anyone else eat plain, native, traditional British foods ? I think they ought to be promoted, their growing encouraged and the old recipes dusted off and enjoyed.


Agree down here it is the same, our breakfast is porridge with fruit (fresh or bottled) but there are so many   things around now that are 'GOOD' for you   Soup still use 'split peas' or as at moment pumpkin as we grew loads of them to give away great stuff.

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