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patchwork quilt wot I made

Here at long last is the first patchwork quilt Ive ever made.  Its for Kate - a single bed size, and I really enjoyed doing it.
I machine quilted it (the thought of taking all that time hand stitching would have been ridiculous) and have learned a lot  - such as the importance of making sure all the squares are lined up correctly or the overstitching looks crap.

But overall I enjoyed the experience and would like to make a double for the marital bed.  Think Im going to have problems machining one so large though....


That looks lovely!

I am still using quilts my mum made years ago, all hand stitched  

Well done, where do you find the time and patience?  

Actually cutting all the bits took just a few hrs over a few days (kept it all in a carrier bag so could put away quickly).  Then machined into strips, then machined strips together, then made the backsheet, then pinned and tacked the front to the back with the wadding in the snadwich, then rolled and machined this.
Then I french machined the edges and that was it.

The tacking together probably took the longest.

kate will now have something to last a long time (unless she gets green flourescent marker on it (like she did the new bedding I just bought for her)

Very nice  

Very pretty!

That looks great - well done!  

When I've made them, I've always found the hardest bit is fitting it all into the machine when stitching all the layers down.

Absolutely gorgeous!

Looks Amazing - Well done  

Please add a picture to the craft competition thread as well

That looks great   well done

Wow!  It's beautiful. Well done!  

kaz wrote:
Please add a picture to the craft competition thread as well

Ooh yes! You must  

havnt done so....obviously... but the reason is.........

since i had problems with the internet during the summer and Bodger managed to sort me logging back on, I dont get reply notifications now, so I cant see when Ive had replies.
I am trying to get better at computer things (Im actually on a ECDL course), but it dont come natural (too old I think).

Mo wrote:
kaz wrote:
Please add a picture to the craft competition thread as well

Ooh yes! You must  

Definitely(just put it in this years lineup! )! Yours is Wonderful!! Well done!

That's excellent for a first attempt, Well done, it's addictive so watch out. Oh and there is also a condition associated with quilting called Fabric hoarding. You know it's really bad when large bags of op shop fabric finds (charity shop) are snuck into the house under darkness or when OH has gorn orf on night shift!!!
There are also no words of excuse when said OH goes into """"MY""" craft room and opens the cupboards door and gets buried under whats falls out! That's what he gets when he's just downright nosey I say!

There is a little technique I've been shown to get perfect seam matching. I could do a pictorial if that would help you for the next one

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