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Pasteuriser ?

At the moment we pasteurise our bottles of cider and apple juice in four separate Baby Burco like pasteurisers and they're proving to be very labour intensive and time consuming. Each one of them, depending on the size of the bottle will take about fifteen bottles each.
The next step up in commercially available pasteurisers are hellishly expensive  ( 3,000 plus) and also need three phase electric. These will do a hundred bottles a time. A number of small scale producers that I know have had their own made. Do we have anyone on here who'd consider making me one?


All you need to do is take one Burco electric boiler and fit these bits into it:

Click to download file

and it all needs putting together the same as the schematic on the right hand side of page two

regardless of the cost it all needs to be done in 316 stainless steel to meet the regulations

Or, rather than modifying a Burco/Vigo electric boiler, you could sell a couple of yours to help finance all the above stainless steel gubbinz being fitted into a cut-down stainless steel Beer keg which has been fitted with a gas burner ring.... I really do like the look of this one belonging to OTG member "Border"


At the moment, when we're pasteurising we have two of these on the go
plus two 30 litre Baby Burco's at half the price of the above, that do exactly the same job.
What we really need is a MUCH Much cheaper version of one of these, for in bottle pasteurisation.

I know of at least one other producer who would be interested in purchasing something along the lines of this.

If we were to press a ton of apples, we'd expect to produce 1000 x 75cl of juice, so you can see just how labour intensive our size of operation is.

I've just hit the JACKPOT! I've visited a local dairy farmer this morning and for the price of 50 he's sold me a double skinned stainless steel milk cooler. Its a round one with the paddles in it (pictures tomorrow) its an impressive piece of kit and my son Tom assures me that it wont be too tricky to add a thermostat and some emersion heating elements.

Nice one    

Come around tomorrow evening Richard, there maybe a drink or three in it for you.

Phew! Just got it home. Its a lot bigger than I remember it being yesterday and its only just fitted into the trailer. There's quite a few techno bits and bobs to come off it, such as commercial size condensers and then, I'm hoping that it will be a bit easier to manoeuvre. Lets hope so.


Methinks your problems are solved!! . Great Find! (...or did it find you...?? )

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