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David Smith

Pashabelle and Darcy

We are currently the servants and staff for two Norwegian Forest Cats, brother and sister from same litter, now coming up to a 6th birthday, although it doesn't seem that long.

Darcy is the boy, neutered, and we have to give him tablets on a daily basis as he managed to over-strain his heart being Captain Dangerous. He's a climb anywhere, fly across vast distances sort of cat, long and lean. It was Darcy who first decided the blinds in the roof of the conservatory were hammocks.

Pashabelle is a proper Madam, heavier set and with an imperious tail mostly carried like a flag curved over towards her shoulders. When she arrived at 13 weeks, she would not let me stroke her, but things improved and now she follows me around rather like a puppy, telling me in no uncertain terms that I should be doing something else.

Gillian said that the cats would not be allowed in our bedroom, but about second night in there was this tremendous shouting and meowing and scratching at the bedroom door. "I'm not putting up with that!", she declared and went to the door to tell off the cat responsible - who promptly dashed in and under the bed, and has had full access rights ever since. Now she graciously lets me have some of my pillow.

Shortly after they arrived, Darcy decided to investigate what I was doing at my desk, and then settled down for a sleep in front on the keyboard. So I got him a cushion, the way you do, and he settled on that very happily. Then Pashabelle thought she'd join him.

Now where my In Tray used to be is a shallow cardboard box, complete with fleecy blankets and - honest, I don't spoil them! - a sheepskin. From here one or other or occasionally both keep me company a lot. Darcy mostly sleeps, but Pashabelle will deign to investigate anything I am eating. So far she has bullied her way into approving Marmite on Toast, Mature Cheddar, Lancashire and Lincolnshire Poacher but not Cheshire for some reason. Her disdain if it is something she disapproves of such as a bowl of curry is quite remarkable.

They have their own fotopic album at mainly from when they were younger, and a photo album on my facebook page at

They are an absolute delight.

Best wishes


They look like lovely adorable bundles of fluff but I bet they've got a wicked side too  

No problems with their keyboard diet.
Marshytes only fit for cats!
green man

Marmite is a great way to get vit B down you, and as all Marmite appreciators   will tell you and I believe is self evident, good for the brain and nervous system. Smart cats! Thanks for that lovely photo.

O, they do look very sweet  

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