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Flat leaf or curly?

I was reading an article in the paper extolling the virtues of flat leaf parsley against the curly variety, but I strongly disagree.

I find the flat leaf variety bland and flavourless - give me the curly in my parsley sauce any day! I have to admit to an addiction to parsley sauce - I'd eat it with anything, even have to eat any left in the pan.

Which do you prefer?

I prefer curly and quite agree it has more flavour.


On the curly waggon.

Agree and have been known to put left over on bread to eat

Another vote for curly - I was seduced by all the propaganda for the flat leaf, but having grown both for a few years I have jettisoned it in favour of the curly.  Not that it has bothered to put in an appearance yet this year  
colour it green


curly for parsley sauce - but flat leaf for use as a salad leaf

We have masses of very tasty self-seeded curly parsley growing in the gravel but I have just bought some flat leaved parsley because it says that it has a stronger flavour
I shall have to do a taste test  

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