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had to take my parrot to the vet today he had a growth on his tounge i was worried sick becouse it is bad for birds under anicetic  the vet took it off he,s a bit quiet but seem,s to be ok thank goodness he his16 yr,s old here a few old photo,s of him


I can see he'd give Anne Robinson a good run for her money  

" i was worried sick "

you must of been sick as a parrot  

I hope that he'll be OK now - he's still young at 16 isn't he?
green man

A lovely African Grey, they become very attached to mum or dad don't they, does it talk, and do we know if the lump is malignant?  My fingers and toes are crossed for you -lets hope he /she eats ok and is feeling on top of its perch soon,  has it still got good feather I know they are notorious for feather pulling they get bored real easy and are quite needy little birds because of their intelligence, keep us up dated please, good luck. is it a boy or a girl what do you call it? 056.gif

hope your grey recovers 100%,we just bought a 9 month grey thats dna sexed as male hes just starting to talk,but wolf whistles and imitates the smoke alarm

osca is doing  well he was a bit quiet last night but have perked up to day he eating and drinking ok the vet said the lump will not grow back i like to thank you for your concern for him and yes he is a very good talker he knows all my grandchildens names and sings and shouts at the dog,s and some bad language some times you cant stop him talking

kaz wrote:
I hope that he'll be OK now - he's still young at 16 isn't he?

hope it all works out OK, as for age, in the parrot show on holiday they have a parrot called scooby doo and he is 61  oh.gif

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