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Parker....fatboy or what!!

You are not to laugh, he is just a good doer!! He has been living out all winter and needs all the fat he could get....(so he told me)

I keep his headcollar on as I often do a bit of work in the fields out back of the property and I can just tie him while I am working.

Ready for the off

Here we go, not forgetting Rebus the Dobe.

Can you see Trouble the donkey in the corral...he is running around screaming as he has been left behind...the chickens think he is nuts!

Sure looks like winter was *really* good to him indeed!!  bet you had a nice ride, the weather looks like it was perfect!

Faith says tht she agrees with Parker.  Fat is necessary outside in the winter.  (I don't think I will have to find a larger girth, but it will be close.   )

Parker looks like lots of fun.

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