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Paracord Projects

Interlocked 3lead, 5 bight Turks Head Knots
Flattened to make coaster

Reverse side is atractive also


Side Button Knot

Bruce Grants books on braiding offer this as an alternate to the Spanish Button Knot.  It is a 4 lead, 5 bight Turks head with an interweave.  Using a contrasting color for the interweave gives the knot a different look.


How come the links rather than the photos are posted???  I did not have this problem with previous posts.  Tony
added Oct 20
I went to an alternate photo sharing service.  Same photos but now they can be seen.  Can't figure that out.

Another Project

I did a 3 strand braid to made the loop, seized the ends and tied a 6 strand Matthew Walker Knot.  I then did  wall knotting to make the main body of the fob.


You do really nice work!

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