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Pantries and Skullery's?

Did you have a Pantry and or a scullery when you were younger ? Do you still have one, or like our pantry at home, was it knocked through to make a bigger kitchen ? For some strange reason, I love the old fashioned words pantry and scullery, both very evocative of a time gone by.

And what about a Coal House, or as we use to call them in the Potteries. ' The Coaless' ? Do you think any families really did keep their coal in the bath?
Yorkshire Geordie

We still have a scullery, Bodger, but not like the stone slabbed one of my childhood.
Ours has a stainless steel sink and mdf shelves and units.

My childhood home didn't have a netty like my Grannie's, though.
Her's was an earthen closet, outside with a wooden plank seat suitably holed.
It was ash filled and emptied from a sliding cover in the outside wall.
The horse and cart emptier did the whole street early each Monday morning.
Cor - the stink.  

The Yorkshire "coyle hoyl" was where we put the nutty slack for t'fire.

We had a pantry and coal house attached to the house, pantry leading off the kitchen and we had a washouse which was across the side path to the house, back to back with next door, the bins were in an alcove between the two[/i]

I remember my granny having a netty like YG's  we were swanky we lived about 30 miles away and had a bathroom ,but we did have a scullery and pantry Happy days

Martyn, when we moved to where Grandma Bodger still lives today, back in 1962, we weren't on mains sewage and we too had a hole in the ground at the bottom of the garden. It was a 'proper' red bricked building under a slate roof with a wooden porch infront of the door to shelter you if you had to wait when there was a queue.
There was a board across the entire width of the building at one end with a hole in it where you plonked you arse. There wasn't any electric, so there was always a plentiful supply of candles and matches. And Oh yes? There was toilet paper too. No nail on the back of the door with newspaper for us.

In really cold weather, us kids would light toilet paper and drop it down the toilet to warm ourselves up a bit. The toilet itself was a dark lusterous affair that went down a hell of a long way. The night soilmen came once a week with what looked like a massive soup ladle to empty it. They carried the poop out in buckets sloshing as they went and plonked the contents into what looked like a small tanker. We always made sure to shut the windows when they were doing their rounds.
We lived out in the sticks as you can imagine and one sure fire remedy for constipation would be to sit with the toilet door open in the dark with just a candle for company, only for one of the farmers cows to stick its head over the fence and into the porch. Holy Sh*t!
Happy days.

YG  post reminded me of a true story.
My uncle was a farmer and had a weak stomach and one day the outside loo on the farm needed emptying.  He asked  Glyn the farm worker to do the necessary.
Mr Davies - Glyn exclaimed  - I am a general farm worker - not a sh-thouse cleaner !
Uncle- I will pay you double wages-
Glyn OK then

I think he could have held out for more !

We lived in an upstairs 3 bed flat  with a pantry the coal hole was under the concrete stairs to get the coal we had to go out and get it through a door set in outside wall. The said pantry was knocked into a bigger kitchen when council in their wisdom made them into 2 bed flats.

We had a pantry and a coal hole when I were a lad, the coal hole was half of the back outshouse, the other half was the downstairs, and originally outdoor, bog.
When we wed and bought our first house, a Victorian terraced, we still had the pantry, the coal shed and outside bog. The O\B was by then connected to the sewers, but still had the small wooden door leading out to what was originally the back alley for the night soil collectors.
I demolished the outside features and turned the pantry into pantry cum gun cupboard by moving the door from the kitchen to the dining room and fitting a high security one instead.

I think that outside bogs should be looked upon as being modern. Which civilised person in their right mind would want to poop in the house? Think about it.
Yorkshire Geordie

This thread reminds me of this sketch:-

Luxury ..................

My nan had a pantry in her house (many years ago) and she used to make full use of it. Her one was brick built with painted walls 2x vents in the outside wall, stone shelf with wooden shelves each side of it and above the stone one and the door was wooden with holes in it top and bottom for ventilation.
I used to love looking in it too see what there was to eat and christmas time it was overflowing with all sorts of home made goodies ready for the family gathering.
 I would love a pantry in my house instead of the chipboard coated larder cabinet we have at present.

I have a pantry. It runs across the back gable wall of the kitchen. At this time of year when jam making is in full flow, it gets rather stuffed as I squirrel away for Autumn and Winter.
The boys reckon that the state of Mum's pantry is the best indicator for a long range weather forecast  

My Granny had a scullery; it was a stone floored addition to the back of her sandstone cottage. There were red painted duck boards to stand on when working there because there was no heating and the door had an inch gap below it onto a stone lintel that was level with the ground. Absolutely perishing in Winter.

Memories are wonderful


When I think of pantry's I always think of my  grans ,there always seemed to be  a side of bacon lying on the slab covered in salt and wrapped in muslin and a couple of hams hanging up, She also had an earth closet outside

When i was growing up we had a toilet outside at the back of the garage with no power but was on the sewage. As on most farms even we have a septic tank but 2 inside toilets and showers. When we moved this house on we gutted it and so built a pantry off the kitchen about 8'x5' with a windowat the end and shelves both sides.

We have a pantry of sorts, it is a 5x5 room, just a few shelves and a chest freezer in there now, surprising how warm it can get in there with the heat from the freezer electrics.

And a utility room, well you step in there is a large bespoke Welsh Dresser on your left next to that twin decks, they're Mrs HH's for playing her vinyl records, then at a right angle to that two shelving units full of said vinyl, so on your right then is a sink unit and washing machine, you can then spin around and walk back out lol  

As a child we lived in a large old farmhouse we were not
farmers  parents just rented it, not the best of places but I certainly didn't know poor it was compared to nowadays.
yes we had a scullery,  a place across the yard with a sink with hot water and a  big copper with a fire under it for boiling the washing, and on occasion bathing me in. also the old water pump was there for pumping water out of the cistern in the back yard to be used to fill the copper
We had the coal hole under the stairs off the main "living room " this had the electric cooker in a big old fashioned range type cooker ( very temperamental) a few comfy chairs and the television. lino on the floor with a hand made rug made from bits of old rag and a hessian  ( a grain sack!)
the pantry was enormous, slightly below ground, it had wide brick built shelves and some wooden shelves hooks from the ceiling for whatever you hung from ceilings, presumably hams and game and veg like onions.
much of the shelves were full of preserves in kilner jars or jams and pickles.

Granny s kitchen was a very rough dank affair ,very small, cold and damp  she cooked on paraffin stoves and an ancient gas cooker that only partly worked. still she brought up a family of five in that tiny cottage ,

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