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Wehadto have pandy put down last night.  Pandy was a lovelly palameno mare of around 30 yeas old who was on loan to us to keep Georgie, our mare, company after Bobbie died2 years ago.  pandy was due to be going home in a couple of week now that she was fitter (she had bad arthritus when she came to us) and Alfie had joined us.  I went down around 4 yesterday afternoon to do evening rounds and she was laying down and didn't come overfor her hayledge.  I rushed over to her and she went into a spasam - I thought she was dead. Eventually I managed to get her up and out of the field as the other two were going potty when she went down again.  I was on my own with no one around and no phone.  This carried on for an hour.  eventually I had no choice but to leave her and came flying up to the house on thequad where, thank goodness, simon had just arrived back from London.  He went down to Pandy and I went up o her owner who called the vet.  Her main groom came down to see Pandy and stayed with us for a few hours.  Fet came, checked Pandy over and found a number of problems with her incuding a bad heart murmer and a fatty lump that seemed to be causing an obstruction in her intestines.  After pain releif she improved quite a bit but with an hour was back to square on but worse.  The veet came back at 10pm and had no choice but to put her to sleep.

Poor Pandy.  She was a good girl and had worked hard all her life until her last two years retirement with us.  We'll miss her terribly and so will Gerogie.

Sleep well Pandy xx

Poor Pandy - she was lucky to spend her last years with you Debbie.,  

Poor Pandy and what a shock to you as well
I'm glad that she had her 2 years retirement in the Happy Valley.

Poor Pandy and poor you.

Sorry to hear this Debbie, it's never an easy time. Sounds as though Pandy had a good retirement with you though.

Sorry to hear that Debbie  
At least she had a few good years with you.

Sorry to hear the news Debbie but she obviously had a good few last years with you and yours.  

The best decision for her was obviously made.

Its never easy. At least she had a lovely end to her life. Well done for doing the right thing Debbie.Love Lizzie

Very sorry for you all, even when it is the right thing to do it isn't any less painful bet you have some great memorys over last two years

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