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Pancake Day..whats your favourite?

Sweet or savoury?

I love lemon and sugar, nice and simple, but tonight i am going to try something savoury, thought maybe bacon, mushrooms, onions, cheese and a dollop of philidelphia

Any suggestions?

Dave C

Sounds lovely  

My favourite is butter, sugar, lemon juice & syrup.

But the wife & kids have some very strange toppings  

My absolute favorited is pancakes with a whacking great dollop of either vanilla or raspberry ripple ice cream smothered in summer fruits vinegar.

I till prefer simple lemon juice and sugar

But last night we also had leek & ham pancakes au gratin.

I'm not a fan of pancakes, or crepes….but my menfolks guzzle every one that comes off the girdle, so they're a kind of staple when they want something for afternoon tea and I can't be bothered baking.

The latest batch were gluten free (Dove's farm G.F. self raising, add a pinch of xanthum gum and more baking powder) and worked out very well indeed. I added some chocolate chips to the last quarter of the batter and those went down well.

Usually they just eat them with butter, jam or jam and cheese. The syrup's came out this last time though, maple and home made wild strawberry were the ones of choice.

The same batter works well in the waffle maker too.


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