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Pallet Dismantling Stripping Bars for Sale

The Cargo Cycles dual headed Pallet Dismantling Bar is the most effective and efficient tool for manually stripping the planks from the stringers on used wooden pallets so that the timbers can be reclaimed, recycled or re-used for other purposes. With a little practice, a standard wooden pallet can be stripped in about 2 minutes without damaging any of the timbers.

The bars have been designed and manufactured specifically for stripping both 2 way and 4 way wooden pallets (including most none standard size pallets), and incorporate 2 ergonomically designed heads; one head is suitable for pallets with stringers up to 2 inches (50mm) wide, and the second head is suitable for pallets with stringers from 2 inches (50mm) to 4 inches (100mm) wide.

If you are stripping wooden pallets to provide fuel for a wood burner or an open fire place this winter, you will not find a better tool than one of these bars for stripping pallets prior to sawing or chopping the timbers to a suitable length.

Purchasers and users of genuine Cargo Cycles bars include: Community Wood recycling projects, Farmers, Smallholdings, Allotment Holders, Gardeners, Domestic users and Householders, Transport yards, Pallet Repair Yards, Waste Transfer Stations, Businesses, and Government Depts. etc. who require wooden pallets to be broken down for fire wood, repair, reuse or disposal.

To see a short video of how effective the Cargo Cycles dual head pallet stripping bar is in action please click on and

Genuine Cargo Cycles Pallet Dismantling/Stripping Bars are only available to purchase directly from Cargo Cycles.

Beware: there are poor quality counterfeit versions of Cargo Cycles original products being sold from Basingstoke and from Northern Ireland.

The Cargo Cycles Dual Head Pallet Dismantling Bars are 47.75 each, plus 11.75 Postage & Packing UK Postal Zone A only making a total of 59.50

The postage and packaging for the Scottish highlands, and Islands, other UK Island addresses, and Northern Ireland is 15.00 making a total of 62.75.

For the European Union Euro Zone the bars are 56.75 each plus postage and packing of 25.50 making a total of 82.25

For the United States and Canada, the bars are $77.00 each plus postage and packaging of $63.00 making a total of $140.00

The bars can also be collected in person from our Norwich, Norfolk, UK address.

For all other worldwide addresses please contact me directly for a quotation.

Payment can be made by; cheque, postal order or paypal. For paypal payments please login to your paypal account and credit an please ensure that you have included your name, delivery address and a contact telephone number in your paypal transaction. I cannot ship without adding all of this information to the courier booking and custom clearance forms (where applicable).

For further details or to place a multiple order please call 07758 786036 or email us (our direct email address and telephone number are included in the main photo) please ensure that you include your email address and telephone number, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

The Cargo Cycles web site is now up and running again for the sale of pallet dismantling bars:

I can thoroughly recommend the pallet stripping bar - it dismantles a pallet very quickly, and we have used ours to make a duck house, a rabbit hutch and numerous other bits and bobs.

Well worth the money as we have saved loads on wood!

Ditto    Wilder Ive had mine about 18mnths super tool  

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