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Painting and decorating.

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bare plater walls

Just about to paint a bare wall, some is new plaster & some old plaster with no paint on it. Was going to do the first coat with watered down cheap emulsion toseal it, then as the room is a down stairs bathroom that suffers from mould a mould (even with good ventilation due we think to stone walls) paint then the top coats of the colour we want does that sound OK?


Couple of coats of Unibond first Gaz?

Firstly you will need to remove and treat any mould, just ordinary household bleach watered down will do the trick, rinse it off and allow it to dry then good quality damp seal over the effected area will stop any reocurances. Zinnser B.I.N is the product you want for this dries in 15 mins.
Then a product such as Dulux Supermat or Crown Covermat for your base coat. Pissed out emulsion is also good enough but on the fresh plaster it may keep soaking in.

Then I would suggest as its a bathroom use an Acrylic Eggshell top coat.

Is the fresh plaster dry? A sheet of clear plastic such as a clear carrier bag cut into a square and then sealed with tape all round the edges onto the fresh plaster and left over night will tell you if its still wet. Water droplets will form on the inside of the sheet.
If its still wet but showing surface dry and you are in a rush to get the job done then Dulux Supermat or Covermat should be used as it is micropourous and allows the plaster to cotinue to dry.

Hope this helps.

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