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Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs

I've just bought 6 Oxford Sandy and Black weaners.  
I'm picking them up from Scarborough a week today.
It's a bit of a long way, about 100 miles each way but we will stop in Scarborough and have a Fish and Chip lunch, carry on and collect the pigs and then a steady run home.
I love this breed, realy good flavoured pork and just the right amount of fat cover.

This is a photo of some I had a couple of years ago.
I'll post some photos of the new lot next Sunday.

A tad smaller than most of the traditional breeds but less prone to run too fat.
Dave C

I had some OS&B cross Large White 2 years back and they were excellent.

Will be getting some more next year  

Good luck with them.

Thanks, I've had a lot of rare breeds over the years and as Bodger says these don't have excessive fat like some do.
Good tasting pork, easy to manage and very hardy.
Every time I pick them up from the abattoir the comments are "cracking confirmation, realy good finish"  

Realy good day.  
Set off to Scarborough 9.30 this morning, stoped for tea and coffee break about 11.00.
Went to a V Good chippy we know for lunch. It was shut    so carried on to the farm to collect the weaners.
Got them loaded and did the paper work, etc.
Called at another chippy on the way back, V V good.
Back home about 3.30, pigies unloaded into their new home, every one happy.  

Just been round to lock up and the pigs are all settled down in the sty, fast asleep, well they have had a busy day bless them.

Good looking pigs
Dave C

Very nice  

They loving that pen.

They look happy there - I bet the pen won't look like that in a few weeks  

You are right Kas. Even though it is about half an acre it will be bare in few weeks but they will have enjoyed themselves.  

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