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Owl energy meter - from the library!

Fancy that.
I just went into change my book and came out with an energy meter. You can borrow one for a month, free of charge on your library card in Gwynedd. I presume other areas must do it too - worth asking!
Now I can check how much juice the breadmaker uses along with everything else.

I got one free from EON---I changed our very ancient freezer as a result--big saving.  Plus stopped leaving stuff switched on and on stand by, so well worth using.

I did an OU course entitled 'Energy measurement at home' which came with a plug monitor to test appliance energy consumption and a home monitor so you can log and compare daily, weekly, monthly useage. A really good course which has changed my energy consumption habits.

We have had an Owl for years now and it does make you realise how much power each appliance takes - we now have the dehumidifier on a timer switch because it was eating power and have changed all the light bulbs to low intensity,
Let us know how you get on Seabird

We have just bought one on "Trade Me" not here yet as son picked it up but aint brought it here yet From what you lot have said it might be a big learning curve for me

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