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Moby Jones

Over the gate poultry gallery

Just a random idea for the forum, seeing as many people on here breed various breeds of poultry could we between us all work on an OTG forum gallery of different breeds.

Have a thread for each breed showing pictures of breeds from chicks to adulthood of both sexes etc? I know it could take years before it becomes a 'comprehensive resource' but I'm sure many members would contribute. I'm thinking of a stickied thread in the feather room with thread for each breed underneath. No discussion as such on these threads, just pictures and description with maybe a 'Poultry gallery discussion thread' where ideas, errors, ommisions and additions etc could be discussed as it builds up over time.

For example, I can hear a Barnevelder chick cheaping as its trying to break out of it's egg in the spare room. I'd take pictures of a day old chick (They're alledgedly auto sexing so would include pics of male and female day old chicks), one at a week, two weeks, eight weeks, and so on.

In time I think it would be very useful for all members to see what the different colour varieties of different breeds are etc.

I'm sure others could add their thoughts and between us all put something together that's pretty good.

Any thoughts?

A good idea

For a novice like me this resource would be very helpful, seeing what is the norm at various stages and knowing what to expect.

Brill idea Moby  
Moby Jones

OK, lets make it happen then.

The way I perceive it to be (And I'm sure someone will come up with a better idea, but just to get things started) Is a sub forum created in the feather room containg the following stickied threads :-

Example breed submission.

A post showing pics of chicks to adults. Various colour varieties if applicable and maybe some information about the breed etc. This would be created to give contributors an idea of what is required.

Picture donations thread.

I'm sure many forum members would want to help contribute once we are up and running. So we could have a thread where people can donate their pictures (Not stolen via google!) which can be added to the breed threads as and when required. Of course all pictures added would be credited to the relevant forum member.

Gallery discussion thread.

A thread for discussing the gallery so that breed threads are not interupted.

If it takes off I imagine further sub forums for chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese and gamebirds etc. I know it would take years before theres any real meat on the bones of it, but I think it would be worth doing. The same principle could be rolled out to other sections of the forum to cover other types of animals too.

What do we think?
colour it green

nice idea

I have only just been told about this thread. I will start to set things up along those lines this week

Kaz never checks the poultry section out. and i forgot to mention this to her.

Thanks to Moby for suggesting this new section for the OTG forum.

A new post can be started for each breed of poultry and then that post will be used to build a gallery of pictures for that breed. The pictures must be of birds owned by the OTG member.

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