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Out with Basil and the Bass!!

Recently i had to go and take some photographs for my fisherman cousin,'South East seafood' were doing an article on him as well as the local news,he is one of only 4 or 5 fisherman along the Sussex coast who were taking part in catching line caught bass and tagging them,they then went straight to the fishmonger and straight on to a restraunt the same day to be served in the evening,the idea i think is that the customer knows that is caught the same day and is as fresh as a daisy..not entirely sure though anyway this is how i documented it through my camera as this is what i thought they would be after,it sort of works first pic is going out to sea then so on till the result,i was quite chuffed with the result as it was my first attempt at anything like this from a photographic point of view


goodpost.gif  Brilliant post Rustyboy


we are thinking of doing a spot of fishing this weekend as it happens, just sorted out the tackle ready to go to mumbles pier on sunday. not been since last winter, and all we caught then was dogfish, but even they are reasonable tasty, well so my OH says.....i cant stand fish.......  


Your assumption re. tagging is spot on. I've seen something about it on the TV before.
Rick Stein Food Hero's perhaps.

Excellent Post Nice photo`s

Thanks for the comment's chap's..glad you like 'em

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