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out today

well young bob was going to be home today so i went fishing    got up for the 5.45 bus and Iain thought we were getting the 6.45    :evil9:

any way we got there and got the rods in the water

Iain got a take    and he brought it in and guess who lost it getting it out the water     then nothing for hours  
then just before the battery's died in the camera he got another take  ;) and i managed a few shots

neil  ;)  

I had the same happen to me today Spud.  I blanked and in the abscence of any fish was about to take some pictures of the stunning scenery,  only to find that the batteries in my camera were as flat as a fluke.  

What a pleasant place to be for the day - I was at work

Why not as flat as a Flounder?

Bazzer wrote:
Why not as flat as a Flounder?

Fitty still looks nice, are all the rainbows now gone? Long time since I fished there.


Nice one Neil


Bod its been shut down for over a year i think the rumor is they want to drain it for the coal ,i`ll just keep fishing it till they drain it or start charging again  

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