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Out of Bed like a Shot this Morning!

We spent yesterday getting the cider room ready for the coming season and during a general declutter, high up on a shelf covered in cobwebs, I found the old Skinner Moth Trap that we made a few years ago. ( a quick OTG search for moth trap will reveal all) and so last night, we set it up out in the garden.
For those who don't know, the trap uses a very bright mercury light to bring the night flying insects in and into it.
This morning, as I lay in bed snoozing, it suddenly dawned on me that I could hear rain. Now !   rain and a hot mercury light bulb is not a winning combination, so like a shot, I was out of bed with wellies and dressing gown on and I was across the garden to retrieve the trap.
The Skinner and its occupants are now residing on the kitchen island.
I wont disturb the trap until the rest of the household are awake but I can already see that I have two different hawk moths in there. They are both species that I've recorded here before but who knows what else there might be lurking in there? Both you and I will have to wait to find out until at least two cups of tea in bed have been consumed.

Dave C

Come on then bodger, you can't still be in bed  

Better late than never. I got three of these.

and just the one of these. These two are the same species of hawk moth that I catch every summer. I really would like to think that I might add a third one this year. Our usual camera is now kaput, could anyone recommend an idiot proof one that would take better pictures of these beautiful moths

I caught quite a few smaller moths, including this one. You can see what I mean about needing a new camera.



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