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Out for a disappointing meal

I don't know if this is the right section to put this but I feel so angry I want to get this off my chest.  My husband and I went out for a special celebration meal.  It was a country house hotel, expensive but near to where we live.  the receptionist was very offhand when my husband made the booking.
We arrived about 10 minutes early thinking we could have a drink in the lounge but were glared at for arriving early and left standing about.  eventually we were shown into a freezing cold empty room. Cold and cheerless. Radiator not on. They said they couldn't take my coat off me "because it would get mixed up with the wedding party" there was a wedding party going on elsewhere and the door was left open so there were children running, screaming and scampering about. The wine (white) was warm, the service was awful. The waiter poorly trained (even put our cutlery the wrong way round. Had to wait ages to be served.  Only one other couple in the room the whole night. An awful, cold, miserable(but expensive) evening.  My husband tried to phone the manager to complain yesterday but no one answered the phone.
    I got my own back , though, as I have named and shamed on Trip Advisor for all to see.
Makes you cross though, doesn't it!!!

What a shame Sheffy - I feel cross for you. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but you should have complained loudly at the time - or even walked out.(although it's unpleasant to make a fuss)
It's a shame that when a place has made it's name, they become rather 'up themselves' and start treating customers with disdain.
Suggest you hint that you were sussing them out prior to booking a large function?? Might make them look to their laurels.
Why not name and shame on here!!

Sorry to hear your "special" evening was a disaster.

I would have demended to see the manager there and then.

I would have told him what I thought was lacking and depending on his reply, as to weather I would stay or walk out.

I hate it when business's loose their repect for the people that have helped them make it up the ladder............the customers.

Maybe a formal letter of complaint is in order? That sounds like a shocking evening! I certainly wouldn't be gracing their establishment with my presence again after an evening like that. Disgraceful!

And I certainly wouldn't be torturing myself with guilt if I were to let everyone know exactly which establishment it was

It makes you very cross.
I would have no qualms about naming and shaming.

Yes, I agree with the previous posters, you must name & shame, you're doing nobody any favours by keeping quiet about it.

Did you get hold of the manager while you were there? and make your feelings known - you should have done, we still have this national failing when it comes to complaining.

I take the view that poor service, poor food and a poor reception all mean reductions in the bill, but you have to do it there and then.

You'd be surprised at how easily they capitulate  

My advice too is to name and shame and then to write a strongly worded (but not rude) letter of complaint to the Manager.  If you get no response from him/her then find out who the owner is and write directly to them.

I wrote a damning report on trip advisor .  My husband said afterwards that he was in two minds whether or not to make a fuss on the evening and demand to see the manager but it was my birthday and he felt it had been spoilt enough already. I still feel cross about it, though.

Still think you ought to name and shame and pen a letter to the Manager of said establishment.

Looks like there is going to be a happy ending to this!  We were due to go back with a group of friends  for a meal in March.  My husband was talking to the friend who has organised this and he said that another friend of his had a poor experience there too.  He lives nearby so had a walk round there ans spoke to the manager.  He had just returned from holiday and read my report on Trip Advisor.  He was very apologetic and has offered the four of us a free meal one evening at their expense. So RESULT!

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