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Out and about!

Lovely day in Cornwall today and all my hives were buzzing, looks like they have all come through the winter thank goodness.


Keep us informed with what is happening/what you do with your bees through the year

Well, what I should be doing is building some more eeks, currently would like to put fondant onto 2 more of my hives just to make sure they are ok for the next month.  But have rather a lot on at moment so with a visit from my dad later this week I think i have a little project for him!!

I collected a swarm at the end of last year from an owl box on a farm where I work, unfortuneately it has nosema so now that the weather is warming up I intend to feed it with a mix of vitafeed and ambrosia trickled over bees (this is from advice given to me by the person who trained me)  to be fair it is only a nuce at the moment and the fact that it has survived the winter is a good sign. fingers crossed.

I have one other hive that I look after for someone and I really must get around to having a look at it very soon, I know there will be plenty of stores, but hive was moved end of October and  need to see how they are now.

milkermel wrote:
unfortuneately it has nosema.

Hi milkermel
How did you notice it had nosema?
I'm relatively new to this bee-keeping lark - sorry, just trying to learn
Grandma Bodger

not knowing anything about bees could you please tell me what nose-ma is

Both my colonies are fine and lots of survivors.
I fed heavily so no need to feed at present.

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