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Our Tilly

Karen and I have had a lovely evening sitting out in the garden with one or three glasses of red wine.    We've had a fire going, with candles lit and a couple of paraffin storm lights on the go.
Our two dogs, Grace the Lab and Tilly, the retard lurcher were also enjoying the evening with us, when suddenly, they went off into the darkness of the garden ! We thought nothing of it, because they're always seeing off the local stray cats. That was until Tilly deposited a big rolled up hedgehog at our feet.
Both of us had feelings of dread and flashbacks to our Maggie our sadly departed Border terrier. She regularly used to catch and crunch hedgehogs with reckless abandon. We both love hedgehogs but unfortunately its been at least four years although since we've seen one here.
Its completely out of character for our normally placid Tilly and we really did fear the worst. but thankfully, ten minutes after we'd put the poor creature over the fence, it had toddled off safely into the gloom.
Right now, Tilly is lying down feeling very dead chuffed with herself. As far as we know that poor old 'urchin' is the first thing that the old dog has ever caught.

 we saw a hedgehog tottering about in the orchard Tuesday evening, the first for many years. Hopefully they are on their way up.

We found a hedgehog in our garden a few nights ago it,s been years since we last saw one so it was on with gloves to move it before the dog saw it

You can tell that hedgehogs aren't doing very well and that's because you see so few of them flattened on the roads these days. The one's around here have got a much better chance of surviving now that Maggie is no longer with us. She was a real demon with them.

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