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Our pressing day...and press

So in order then.....

We juiced 4 trays of apples and made over 45L over juice.  The poorest juicers were the russets.

Doing another day on Sunday.

ah...........forgot the photos of the press.  Dohnut!



That's a brilliant bit of kit you have Lorraine.

John built it.  It all dismantles (just as well as its really heavy).  The jack is a hydraulic and as its mounted underneath there is no risk of contamination in the event of a leak.  The stainless tray and former were made a couple of miles away for a total of 100.
The poly trays worked fine and didnt slip.

Were you able to use those cloths that I got you?

Not yet.  I havnt had time to look at them, but I think Ill have to sew them by hand.  I used cloths bought on the net and they are fine.  Wash out well too.

I think the problem will be when Im juicing - the pulp discolours quickly so its mixing the ascorbic acid in at the pulp stage (which is a job for one person actually.

So need 1 person to pulp the apples, 1 to add the AC, one to fill the cheeses and press.

Even if not doing for juice, but for cider, I still think its a 3 person job.

If you are making cider you should not be adding ascorbic acid (I'll look the reason up later ) and it doesn't matter if the juice discolours.

When making apple juice we have worked out approx how much juice we get from one press and make the solution of ascorbic acid for 0.5 g per finished lite of juice. The solution is added to the trugs under the mill and the pulp can just be manually mixed up occasionally throughout the milling - it works for us

No need for ascorbic acid when making cider, you want the juice to change colour anyway and it addition also alters the PH and the fermentation process.

That's a tidy press!

No, I was trying the ascorbic acid thing seperately, but its a timing thing - I have to get it right before Sunday as I have a class!

I know not to add it for the cider.

Thank goodness for that. You really had me worried.

We mix the ascorbic acid in apple juice and put half of it in the bottom of the trug before we start to mill the apples into it. As soon as there's an inch or three of pulp in the trug we mix it around by hand. We continue to mix it as the trug fills and add the other half of the ascorbic acid as we go on. This system works well for us.

With all this talk of cider making, I'm keen to give it a go next year- there is only so much chutney one can make

Jack's kit is somewhat antiquated but I'm sure we can sort through it. First we need to remove the piano from the shed ....don't ask !!!

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