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Our now traditional "topping-up" of the mincemeat

This is a 2 litre Kilner jar of home-made mincemeat which I originally began in 2008, so the origins of this mincemeat are now 9 years old. Each year we replace the used with new and maybe add another ingredient. This year we consumed 4/5ths of the jar over the festive season or about 60 mince pies! So today I've added more dried mixed fruit, glacÚ Cherries and this year's additions are some dried cranberries and dehydrated Ginger. Not forgetting some fresh vegetable suet and brandy....... a whole bottle of brandy.

Tipping the mixed dried fruit, GlacÚ Cherries, dried Cranberries and veggie suet.

After a good stirring!

Spooning the mix into the (now cleaned) jar.

Doesn't that look good!

And now with a whole bottle of Brandy added.

Our jar of home-made mincemeat is now back in the cupboard, where it will sit until the Summer Solstice when we will give it a check over and a damn good stir, maybe even topping up with some more dried fruit so it is ready for next Christmas.

Nice one!  

Very tempted to do this

Oh that does look good Gareth
I too am tempted to try it.


I am going to do this as i still  have 1/2 a kilner jar of home made mincemeat left.

My last jar of 2015 mincemeat has gone off when i opened it early Dec so i obviously didnt have a good enough seal on it to make it last.


All that new dried fruit and veggie suet has begun soaking up the Brandy.

Alas I have no more brandy to top up the jar with, but I did add a glass of Australian Shariz (red) wine.

It has not been detrimental and has worked by taken the fiery edge off the brandy and giving the mincemeat mixture an overall richer more mature taste.

It is going to be very good come December.

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