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Our Local Food Shop Page

We have just made our page on local food shop. The site goes fully live in a couple of weeks. Check out our page and online shop.

Should that link take us directly to your page?
I got the homepage and could get no further

Me 2

Read the small print. Chris says that all goes live in a couple of weeks

Just clicked and took me straight in to our page.

If you enter your postcode it will bring up producers.

Got it this time - when I put my postcode in it just showed me producers local to that code but when I went back and clicked on your link, your page came up. It looks as though it will be a good resource!

Will hopefully be very good. We will be doing mail order aswell.

I've signed up to get further info. Looks good - I'll be touting it around to like minded friends/colleagues.

Some one needs to explain to them that just because the seller gets to keep the price paid minus about 6% fees does not mean that the seller is making a 93% profit margin.

A profit margin of 93% on your sales
end quote

profit margin is set by the seller not the agent & as they dont know your costs they cant make that claim.


Have just looked at some one on there that is selling pork & pork products. The prices on that site are nearly double what they are on their own site.


ah its not all that it seems. It gives a pack size of say 500g but it still quoting the price in per kg not per pack.


Had a call today, site will be live on monday with online buying for customers.

I am interested in seeing this site as I do prefer proper foods

should come up through this link.

We offer delivery anywhere in mainland uk aswell.

Looks great. Lets all hope it works. Could become a great asset.
Just had a proper look. This Link MUST be posted elsewhere on the site so that no one misses it.

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