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Our latest pets

We went Christmas shopping today and finished off at the pet store where we found a brilliant present for one of our boys........stick insects :smt111
We bought a tank and 2 stick insects - we had 3 assistants milling around before one of them dared to put their hand into the tank to pick 2 out :-?

They don't do much......but I like them

Yuk yuk yuk yuk and yuk.

Too many legs and you can't cuddle them!

My Sister used to keep those things.  I don't like them either!

Can't make up whether they're male or female can they?  And those horrid little suckers on the end of their legs.  Yeeeeuuchhh.

I'll stick to my warm, fluffy, cuddly dog thanks.

Hope the boys enjoy the present though  :reindeer:

I used to have stick insects, make sure to check for eggs when you clean them out, and you know when they are dead because they look like a branch thats been burnt.

The boys will love them. I can't remember what I called mine, probably something obvious like Twiggy, if I had another one I think I would call it Elvis!  :q28:

       Over the Gate Forum Index -> Other pets
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