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Our last outing with the Ferrets

We'd taken the day off work together, had a few things we needed to sort out so got up bright and early, Danny took all four dogs out for a walk around what we call the ‘hare field’ while I made up some sandwiches and got myself ready for a morning out ferreting.

When he returned, we collected everything we needed together, tested the locater and collar and bungled the bag of nets, wellies, dogs and ferret into the car

And set off on our way to the local farmland.

Having spoken to the farmer last night to let him know we’d be making a trip up today, it wasn’t a shock for him when we pulled up in the farmyard and tied up the dogs whilst we pulled on our boots and most importantly made sure we had our sarnies at the ready.

Danny knew which way to head as he’d seen a few rabbit sets whilst out on the shoot during the shooting season

I couldn’t help myself from getting friendly with the locals as we walked the half a mile walk to our destination through the stable yard, woods and fields

It was a peaceful morning and was good to stop and admire the view, this permission all 300 acres of it ends not far after the row of trees in this photo but our next lot of permission on the dairy farm starts just over the road adjacent to these fields and is 500 acres

We finally reached our destination and let the dogs mark the holes

Once the dogs had confirmed that there were rabbits present we (ok well Danny) began setting the purse nets over the holes

(Well I was busy making sure my sandwiches were still safe)

The dogs waited patiently (and the ferret stuck his nose through the air holes of his box in eager anticipation   )

We entered the ferret and waited patiently, and patiently until the heavens opened,

Danny took out the locator and began scanning the ground to see where Freddie (the ferret) was, he was (apparently) about 15 foot in and 4 foot deep (according to the confusing code of bleeps I could hear  :? )

We waited a little longer to see if he would emerge but the locater confirmed that he was there for the long haul so Danny decided it was time to start digging. He whipped out his………………………….Spade!!!!! and started getting down to business.

After getting slightly (very) wet and a little (extremely) muddy, he managed to excavate an almost perfectly square hole and brake through to where our hob had evidently cornered a rabbit in a stop end. Once this rabbit had been dispatched, Danny reached down and found another rabbit was directly behind it.

Due to the weather we decided to call it a day so lured the ferret out of the hole

Got a couple of pictures of the days haul

And collected the nets back in before heading home for a nice warm bath to defrost my feet  :o

The day was enjoyed by all involved (except the rabbits) and every outing has to have a comedy picture and this was it:



Great photos and nice to see some pictures of how your nets are set.

Good Stuff Leanne
Dave C

Nice pics Lea, especially Smiler in the last one  


is that a bear in your picture Dave

No wonder the dogs got a smile on his face in the last picture Thanks for sharing your day with us, I enjoyed that.

Ha the last picture - while we wasnt watching, she'd began to 'pluck' the rabbit when I turned round and caught her she then had to contend with trying to get the fur out of her teeth  

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