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Our Jessie

Haven't been on for a while - things have been a bit dire over the last few weeks - hubby's health has been rubbish and over the last two weeks, we've been nursing our old one eyed Staffie Jessie who had managed to injure her one remaining eye scratching at her face - like a numpty!  

After trying various lotions, drops and potions from the vets, and the injury not improving, we took her for a check up on Friday morning and the ulcer had just gone wild across her whole eye.  Given her age and that we knew she wouldn't cope with being blind, we had to make the decision to let her go which was just devstating.  The house is so quiet without the silly old moo!

Here's our last picture of her wearing the obligatory lampshade - otherwise known as the 'Leg Basher'!


Nothing worse than loosing a be-loved pet...thoughts are with you....

Run free free.......

So sorry for your sad loss.  She is running free up there in doggy heaven

I'm so sorry Polly - it's an awful decision to have to make
Grandma Bodger

My thoughts are with you son Jake has just had his lab. put to sleep aged 12 they are very much part of the family. life seems very empty without them

So sorry Polly.  

So very sorry for your family loss  big from our furry and non furry family to yours

Thank you everyone - it's all caught up with me this week - I could sleep for England.

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