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Our insatiable desire for cheap food ?

I find the UK's insatiable desire for cheap food both alarming and depressing.
Dave C

It's all about the £££  

Our broilers are being sold for only a couple of quid so how cheap are the Tai birds   and they have transport costs, but won't have welfare standards!

And we are feeding this crap to our kids !!!

Don't get me started on mash potatoe from France  

We only have to look as far as are our own back yard - and that's a collective 'we' I mean the whole country.

A lot of the diseases seem to come from the far east and if you ever have a look how rthey farm fresh water prawns, you'd understand why we only eat the stuff that's been caught in the North Sea. Frightening, absolutely frightening and I'm not overly happy with the farmed salmon that's in the supermarkets either and that's reared closer to home.[/b]

I've said it for years, if meat's cheap, then something suffered for it.

Everyone wants a bargain, but where do we stop ?

I wish more food was homegrown, as in the UK/Ireland/western Europe.


Our neighbors to the South (USA) are sending their frozen chicken to china to be processed and sent back! figure that one out  

It just doesn't make sense does it?

I sell my free range eggs at £2.50p a dozen and a few years ago, I was talking to the owner of a mobile snack wagon who was buying his eggs in from a fairly local intensive egg farm for 6pence each. I shudder to think of the the husbandry that was being practiced in the establishment and what the punters were actually eating with their cheap burgers. At the end of the day, I know its a bit of a cliché but you are what you eat.

Cheap food ? how do we compete at all with South East Asia ?

Here is a menu -I choose the second Item 50 baht ---currently just over a quid

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