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Our first ever Red Kite.

Instead of the usual clothes moths hovering around the house, we've just had our first ever Red Kite circling over our us. Dead chuffed !    

I'd be chuffed to see one overhead too

First time I saw them was up the Black Isle over five years ago. I was working all over the north of Scotland and out to the Inner Hebrides, but was based in Inverness, and every time I came back from the east there they were sliding through the sky.
The old name here for them is the Gled; they glide.

Usually more than one turn up if they find it comfortable. You can sometimes whistle on them like you do for the buzzards, and they'll kind of slide over to see what the noise is.

I hope your's comes back again

Rick & Carol

got some here you can have, hundreds of the things round here. Magestic flyers though!!

We see them round here nice to watch

They are really common here. Regularly get them circling over the fields. Beautiful birds and far bigger than you would think

That's great news on a sad day after one of our beautiful ospreys has been killed. He flew into an electrical transformer.  

There are that many red kites here that they follow the plough , and the seagulls stay away .

confused wrote:
There are that many red kites here that they follow the plough , and the seagulls stay away .

wow very interesting.
Duane Dibbley

I found a dead one in the local wood the other day - looks like a branch fell down in the wind and pinned it underneath    Very temped to take it home and have a chat with a local taxidermist but would have probably caused to many questions.

Never seen a Red Kite, but had a pair of Osprey's fly over real low the other day. (...think they like chicken too?? ) Beautiful birds though.
British Red

This is one Rena - used to be very common and making a strong comeback now after near extinction


Wow! Great shot! Beautiful bird. Thank you so much for posting, I've never seen one before!

Thank you we have never seen one as don't have anything like them here, what a beautiful looking bird and great photo. We only have one hawk and one falcon in NZ

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