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Our Ferrets

Thought i'd post some pics of our ferrets:

Our 'foundation' jill:

Two of her son's:

When they were babies:

Two of her kits with one of the dogs:

And her grandaughter (a black eyed white kit from last year):

History repeats itself, Getting to know our Lurcher:


Love the pics lea I keep and work ferrets myself and somewhere there is pics of some of mine if you fancy a butcher's,i think the title of my post was 'The Workforce' in either Pets or the picture gallery sections on here

Those pictures are great Lea
How many ferrets do you keep?

Nice to see them so well kept.

My favourite is the one in the trophy.

And you won't keep fingernails like that if you do decide to be a horse owner Lea!!  

Thanks all for the replies  

Rustyboy - I'll post some pics of our last ferretting trip in the hunting section when I get a minute and will have a look at your workforce now  

Kaz - We currently have four, the polecat jill, 2 of her sons (the polecat hob and sandy hob - these were sired by a vasectomised hob   ) and the sandy hob's black eyed white daughter (who's hopefully pregnant so we're looking forward to a litter of kits in a few weeks)  

Bodger - we try our best  

Seabird - horse v set of nails - I know which i'd choose given half the chance  

As stated earlier in the post we were looking forward to the next generation in our line of ferrets!

Here's the kits we got from our BEW jill.

2 weeks old:


They're smashing-looking wee ferts! Love the black-eyed white (been trying to find one for ages!) And is that a silver mitt or a sandy in pics 9 & 10?

I've got ten ferrets myself. Five poleys & five 'binos. Two hobs, one bino & one poley. I notice yours are very blunt-nosed? Mine are exactly the same! I think they're far more attractive than the snipe-noses you see in a lot of them  

I thought I was in for some kits this year, as I was a tad late in seperating my entire hob (he was one of last years kits, & although I was checking his 'pickled onions' regularly, he caught me out   ) Turned out to be a phantom though. I was both relieved and disappointed, to be honest. I absolutely adore having kits around

Thanks for the reply woodsmoke  

He's a Sandy hob (Or so I believe   )

The kits are doing great and we've chosen the one we will be keeping back  

Will try and get some more pics up at some point.

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