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our eddie.....

a couple of pics of our eddie (l)izzard, he's a bearded dragon and a right character, he sits with his front leg (arm :-) ) on the front of the cage and watches telly but if anyone in the room moves he looks at you as if to say, @are you feeding me or what!!'

a closer shot


You've done it now John, Kaz has been fancying keeping one of those for quite a while now.

We even saw some baby ones in a reptile centre at the weekend :-)

Eddie is beautiful, how old is he?

conundrum wrote:
Eddie is beautiful, how old is he?

he will be three years old at christmas, he should be a lot bigger but the previous owner got fed up with him and didn't feed him too well :sad10:

he's great though, i never thought i would take to him as well as i have.

once i had him out and he set off running across the room and got up on his back legs, it was so comical, like a small person in a suit with a tail :-)

john :-)

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