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Our Cassie

Just a little dedication post to my doggie who very sadly passed away on Sunday

She died peacefully at home in my faverate place, in the corner under the start of the stairs

I got her when she was 6 weeks old! I was still at school!! (hence the old pic!! )

She was aged 13 and a half so a great age

She will be surely missed.. She came to many a show with me and she woudn't even dream of hurting a chook

Love you forever Cassie xxx , Now you are at peace..

( im gutted.. there will never be another dog like her... in my heart forever)

liverpool pete

just remember the good times .
i know how painful this is i lost my beloved lassie (she the pic ) in september
i still miss her,but it will get better in time .
take care

Thanks pete for your kind words

She's a good luckin pooch

Nice to know other people see it like me..


Losing a dog never gets any easier. You have to have been there to understand. Time can only heal so much, and you carry the best memories with you forever. Don't be sad if you can help it, but try to be glad you were lucky enough to have had each other as long as you did.

If you want a good cry, Google the poem "Rainbow Bridge".

Oh Nikki, I'm so sorry to read of the loss of your beloved Cassie.  Dying peacefully is a blessing, and as we say, let the memory of Cassie be for a blessing.

It's four months to the day since my little Lexie died, and I still cry because I miss her so much.  

As Lurcher said, read the poem "Rainbow Bridge".  Here is the link to it:

There is also the Prayer for our lost furbabies in the thread below this one.

Juli & Pereg

So sorry to hear of the loss of your lovely Cassie.
It never gets any easier to lose such a loved companion, but remember what a good and happy life she had with you.

I know how you feel.
Three times I have walked dogs down the Green Mile, the final walk to the vets and haven't cared if that 15min. walk took two hours.
They did it at their pace and had a good snuffle on the way.
Trudy, Jock and Patch.

Thats really sad. Dogs have such a special place in our hearts. I'm really sorry for you but your dog had a lovely life and thats what you must remember. It does get easier, time does heal. Love Lizzie

Really choked for you Nikki.

It never gets any easier when we lose a beloved pet - but the heartache is the price we must pay for the years of pleasure they have given us.

A price worth paying I think.

so sad for you but as said remember the good times


     love and hugs to you

Run free at the bridge Cassie

It's soo hard when we loose a beloved pet, time does heal the pain but never do you forget - she'll always be with you in your heart and memories x x

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