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Other halfs dog

My partners dog has gone wrong. She is away on a work course and left me in charge of her pampered pooch. It's one of those Mexican little things (I know what it's called but no idea how it's spelt). Anyway yesterday it took on some very cow like habits and started maniclly eating grass and constantly licking its lips. It's been sick plenty of times and being the good partner stayed up with it last night as it wouldn't settle. I have given it plenty of water and hoped all would be fine this morning. It's not its outside mowing the lawn and puking everywhere.
Any ideas what's gone wrong with it? Trip to the vets?

Small dogs (assuming it is a Chihuahua) can go up and down very quickly so ring the vet for advice at least.  If the vet says take it in, OK you'll get a bill.  If the vet says observe for 24 hours giving water and no solids, then you have covered your back re partner.  If the dog is otherwise lively, just a stomach upset most likely but if it is lethargic, much more serious and definitely vet.

Apart from the grass eating its its usual annoying self, bouncing all over the place and getting under my feet. I'll take your advice and ring the vet.

Any update webley?

Is it suffering from the heat possibly?

One of our dogs eat grass and makes itself sick - it seems to do it when it's stomach's already upset as if it knows it may help.


Vet said  plenty of fluids nothing solid wise for 24 hours  bring him in if he shows any other symptoms such as lethargy bleeding gums or blood in stools.

He reckons it's probably just an upset stomach but if he is no better in 24 hours bring him in. Little dogs like him cannot afford to keep vomiting as they cannot replace the fluids quickly enough.  

Thanks for the info people.

Good news webley, hope he picks up. My dog also eats grass when she wants to make herself sick.

He was eating grass like it was going out of fashion. But only certain stems though. Some grass he would leave others he would eat. Very strange.

He is asleep at the moment something he does quite a bit. It's only four years old and blind in one eye after a bad first contact situation with a Staffordshire bull terrior.
He is such a trusting little dog despite what he went through.  Always wants cuddling when he isn't tearing round the flat like a loon.

Now you've mentioned it, mine's choosy about which grass she eats and, thinking about it, she goes for long rather than short grass.

Mine also eat grass, when they need to be sick.

They all also eat the leaves from elm trees. I have a few wild elm saplings, and as high as the dogs can reach there are no leaves on them, very strange, as they are not sick after eating them.

Ditto with the grass eating, usually the broader leafed grasses, hope the little fella is better soon.

My dog also eats grass, there's something in certain kinds of grass that helps them either be sick or settles their stomach's down  

& mine. Also the longer stems.

Mines due to be wormed beginning of August.

Well he's better this morning. Let him out first thing and he did his business he didn't even look at a grass stem. So hopefully what ever went wrong with him cleared up.

Other half is back Tuesday so I can be relieved of responsibility for it and go home.

Glad the little 'un is on form this morning!

Good news - that'll be two of you relieved then!

Thanks for the reply"s everyone.

Machete has made a full recovery and the other half is none the wiser.


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