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Organic wildlife

3 times a year I am lucky enough to take my class to visit a small organic farm nearby to look at changing seasons etc.  I went yesterday and it was the most gorgeous day. We saw 12 hares in one field, 2 skylarks, buzzards, pheasants and a hedgehog in the barn where we were eating lunch.
When we visited last July we have counted wild flowers and found 33 different varieties.
The owner is passionate about nature and has planted hundreds of trees and new hedge rows.  He plants several field edges with bird and insect mix.
He is very lucky to be able to afford to do all that he does but the benefits to wildlife are many. The best part for the children was the largest field that was just cut grass and they were allowed just to run and that was what they did, along with the hares !!

That's sounds like an absolutely fantastic place but just a few generations ago , many farms would have been like that. Places like the one you visited are now a rarity and we have to thank dedicated individuals for ensuring that they still exist. Unfortunately, there aren't many around.

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