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Oregon 40v Max Electric Chainsaw

A bit pricy but time and competition will bring it down

They are a bit sketchy on the details though  

On the face of it that looks very good, but how long does that battery charge last? and it was awfully slow going through that log.

I still don't think you can beat a petrol saw - whatever the AGW crowd say.

I prefer something a little more powerful.

Petrol for me too. I've never understood the logic behind these electric chainsaws with cable attached that the DIY stores me, that's just asking for trouble  

Not entirely convinced about the battery life & power on that saw either, I have to confess. I reckon to get the speed you need on the loop the gearing will stall the motor if it hits a knot, etc?  

I just thought it was a bit random

always used husqvarna here  

The only oregon thing I ever used was a psion palm top about 15 years ago maybe more. Must admit for the time it was a good bit of equipment  

I have used all three- gas, electric plug in, electric battery.

Each has its merits, and all applications are not always the same.

Battery drills were looked down on when they first came out, now they outsell the plug ins.

When Black and Decker first came out with the Alligator, it was a plug in and I bought one for cutting up limbs for firewood figuring that if it didn't perform well I would just return it to Home Depot. I was very impressed with its performance. When next they came out with an 18 Volt version, I bought one. Performance was the same. I dropped a 40' oak with a gas cs and trimmed all the branches off with my alligator 18Volt on one battery (though I had 11 more in reserve) I like it much better than my Ryobi 18 Volt cs.

There is a lot of torque with electric motors. They are capable of producing more torque than comparable Gas, Diesel, or Steam engines. That is why our current day trains are Diesel/Electric.
Think of the amount of torque needed to go from a stand still to motion with a string of 100 train cars loaded with coal.
The Diesel is incapable of the task, its the Electric Motors that move that train. All the Diesel does is run the electric generators.

Think of the torque needed to start spinning a washing machine full of wet clothes and water, and those Capacitor-Start/Induction-Run motors have thermo-overload couplings that disconnect automatically if they start to overheat.
They last practically forever and are my salvage motors of choice for shop tool motors (1/3 HP 1725 RPM).
Consider the Tesla Auto f a s t !!!

In conclusion having experienced the abilities of 18 Volt tools (no longer use the air ratchet gun on lug nuts) including the Alligator, I can reasonably expect that something that's 2.22 times more powerful will not be disappointing; and I always buy a second battery for uninterrupted back up.



i like this one    

Is it a Husqvarna though?  

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