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Ordered your seeds yet?

What are you getting?

We are picking our stuff          

I have so many seeds left over and from sales that there is very little left to get - maybe some onion sets. Depends if I find I have some spare space when the planting gets going.

Still thumbing through the books, not that I will require a lot this year, loads left from last year.
Potatoes to purchase as yet, maybe a few packets of seed, the allotment shop does not re-open until about the 10th so time yet, and they are cheaper than me ordering from the same suppliers.

Tatties now purchased. The usual, KE's and Charlotte, was given a voucher as a Christmas went to the local GC.
Outcome and a bonus being picked up 10 bags of multi purpose compost for 20.00. Westland grow-sure....
Normally a fiver a bag...  

I think Im going to concentrate on soft fruit this year. - blackcurrants and rasps.  When I get time Ill have to sort the rasp patch out.  I havnt a clue whether they are summer or autumn - most of the rasps come in June/July, but Ill need to cut everything back as its a mess.
I want to take more cuttings of the blackcurrants too.

The goosgogs I planted havnt done well at all - out of the 4 bushes I think I can still see one alive....

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