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Rick & Carol


Well - it will be,

we inherited three apple trees & a moohosive oak with the house, the apple trees had a severe pruning before Christmas as I think they'd never had one & were all suckers & little fruit. The oak tree came down today - as you can see. I've got three more apple trees to go in next week & will post pics when done./ Hopefully come autumn I'll be taking cider lessons from Bodger  


looking good

What a lovely place to live, you are very lucky  


Karen and I would be delighted to see you two and would be more than happy to give you a guided tour. It might even make me do a bit of tidying up. That invite goes to anyone.
Rick & Carol

Well I've shifted the wood from the oak now. It seems a lot more than it looked in the first pics I posted. Now I'm seeking advise on spacing of the new trees on Bodgers 'Fruit Trees' thread on chat forum & replies will be greatly appreciated.  


PM me your address and I'll lend and send you some books.
Rick & Carol

Right - One orchard finished - The fella on the oak stump, is I'm told, modelled on a very young Bodger, don't know if that's true?

It's been a very busy week with projects coming together & in the background you can just see some of 'Pigtopia' & 'Poultryopilus' over the next week or so I just need to screen one of the entrances to the pighousing & finish some fencing to the turkey & table bird enclosure & then will post pics,

now roll on some apples and cider  

Looking forward to seeing the results of your labours.
That policeman reminds me of me. You had to be five foot eight to join The Staffordshire Police. I got through all my tests and interviews before they got around to measuring me. I was only ever five foot seven and five eighths on a good day and the doctor sent me back to see the Chief Constable.
The Chief Constable at the time was one Arthur Morgan Rees. He was a very keen on Rugby and he looked at me and said to the doctor " This man is five foot eight, put him through. That was back in 1976 and I sometimes wonder what my life would have been like if Mr Rees hadn't let me off for those three eighths of an inch.
Quality over quantity every time has always been my motto, but then it would be wouldn't it? At one police station, some git tried to land me with the nickname 'Nipple'   That was supposedly because I wasn't big enough to be a Tit! Happy Days.
Anyway, back to orchards. I've put two books in the post for you and things are looking good at your place.
Rick & Carol

Nipple would have been an interesting nickname, of course since they dropped the height restriction for the 'job' some very small ones have joined - generally called laptops i.e. a small PC

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