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Opening day

Today, Sunday the 16th of June is the opening day of the 2013/14 coarse fishing season. Today also marks the 40th anniversary of when I first became an angler at the age of 11 in 1973.  

I shall be going out for a 2-3 hour long, light spinning and lure session having recently treated myself to a complete new "pocket money" priced light spinning out fit.

I shall begin my season at around 3.30pm today in pursuit of Jack Pike, Perch and Chub in a swim that is completely new to me on the River Yare just to the south side of Norwich, and I will then take a roving on foot, 3-5 casts and move swim approach for about an hour before deciding whether to move on to another section of either the middle Yare or the lower Wensum. The plan is to fish on the incoming rising tide of a falling and clearing river, when the moon's influence will be at its peak, and the local worm, maggot and sweet corn drowning brigade will be considering packing up and going home.

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