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Opening Day of Deer Season

Went into the swamp Saturday morning and set up looking down a trail I cut out a few years ago.  When the moon got beneath my feet like clockwork the deer came out.  Five bucks four of them wall hangers.  I sat and watched them for a few minutes then observed something dark that wasn't there before and I put my scope on it and it was a daddy with a massive rack.  I guess he let the others check things out before he stepped out.  I watched a while longer and came to the conclusion this will be a good year for deer.  I slipped out of my hide and walked back to my truck and there was a plump doe standing in front of it.  Just what I was looking for but didn't trust my aim so I let it walk too.  Went to a clover field I have down by a creek that afternoon and watched seven does grazing but couldn't bring myself to take a shot.  Went again this afternoon on the edge of the swamp and had a nice young four point  walk out and graze just a few yards from me.  If he makes it through the next two seasons he should be a respectable buck cause he had some really nice antlers for his age.  Finally some movement caught my eye and I spied two yearlings walking with their fat mother toward me.  I put the crosshairs on the nanny but decided I could save myself a drag if I postponed the shot till she got to my trail then all I'd have to do is toss her in the truck with no drag.  So I waited and just as planned the two youngsters stepped onto the trail and began grazing and the nanny stepped behind a big tree and watched them eat but never once did she step out from the protection of the tree.  An hour went by and the youngsters stepped behind the tree and I never saw them again.  Slipped down out of my tree and walked to my truck to find another deer standing by my truck!

Whether I got one or not I really don't care.  Ended up having to clean two anyhow so that was enough knife work for me.  It was fun just watching them do what deer do.  When they break into singles I'll go to hunting one of those larger bucks.  Maybe I'll outsmart him and maybe not.  I will be taking several does this year since the warden has chastized me for not thinning the herds enough but when I see a fat nanny with healthy twins I gotta think something in my management plan is working.

Oh, while I'm on the subject of twins I thought I'd tell a funny story.  Six years ago I shot a nanny that had twins besided her.  One of the yearlings ran off but the other - a young button buck -  stood his ground and snorted and stomped and showed his displeasure in what I had done.  As he  taunted me I considered just taking him out as well but decided against it.  But the more I thought about this fool's lack of fear of me the more I doubted he would make it through the season so I decided to teach him a lesson by piercing its right ear.  Last year my buddy shot this well grown seven year old buck because his antlers indicated he was on the decline.   Note the right ear in the picture.  He was taken not 200 yards from where he got his ear pierced.  At 240 lbs (big for this area) I think he learned something that served him well that day.


Sounds like a great night out thank for that. Love the photo and the story behind it you sure gave him a great long life    good to see the outcome

That's a cracking tale BB

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