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Last week, spent nearly two days cleaning out the water feature, only 3mt x 0.600.
Refilled with fresh water, new pump set up, flow was best ever. Just as it was originally imagined, really chuffed.
Saturday morning, little water, pump straining.
Over the past few years, two new linings and now third pump.
It was obvious the lining needed replacing yet again.
This would mean lifting all the surrounding slabs on the patio, to do so.

Enough, cut out lining, fill it in , re-plant with herbs and alpines. Decision was made.
Yesterday was start  day. whilst in the garden stepped into an undeveloped part of the garden, overgrown with twitch and plants, One wet foot.
Investigated, turned out to be an old water feature.
Dug around it after removing all the offending plant life.

Full of mud and stone, say mud it was slush and water .
Removed the slush and stones, tipping it to one side.
Started to turn and lift the feature out.
Noticed the slush was moving, wriggling.....


I'd wrecked their home
Counted at least ten....
As said Ooop's  

That is a definite oops
Grandma Bodger

come on DD tell us what youve done about it

Oh bugger!

Grandma Bodger wrote:
come on DD tell us what youve done about it

Used the same hole, cut an old builders bucket to suit, used some of the slush with still two of the ten newts in , poured in rain water from the barrels around the garden. Left alone.
Finally captured another five from the undergrowth. (Big White Hunter here )
Covered them with some of the offending weeds and plants.
Best I  could do Grandma Bodger, best I could do.

Leave them be for a few days before I check them out.

This is the next part of the garden to be developed, any real advice would be more than welcome.

I already knew we have frogs around the garden, now Newts...advice welcome  

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