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I have an intolerance to the onion family giving me severe indigestion.
Thankfully I found a blog by a chemist giving me a solution.   Add quarter teaspoon baking powder to one onion.  Makes the onion less acidic browns more easily and tastes sweeter.

Extract from blog
At the beginning of this chapter, I mentioned how a pinch of baking soda could influence the browning of onions. The browning proceeds faster and the result is a remarkably sweet flavor with strong caramel notes. The alkaline baking soda increases (or at least stabilizes) the pH of the onions, which release acidic compounds when chopped and subjected to heat. More water is lost than without the soda, and the chopped onions collapse to a certain degree. If too much baking soda is used, the onions turn mushy and wet. One possible explanation for this is that the alkalinity facilitates onion cell-wall destruction, resulting in the rapid release of the intracellular juices.

Interestingly, some recipes recommend adding salt when sautéing onions, and salt facilitates osmosis which draws water out of the cells. The evaporation of this water adds to the overall cooking time which may increase the amount of Maillard products. But more importantly salt will of course also act as a flavor enhancer.

To simultaneously compare the effect of salt and baking soda, I chopped a couple of onions, put them in a hot frying pan with some oil, and split the onions in four equal portions. To three of the portions, a pinch of baking soda, salt, and a baking soda/salt mixture were added, respectively. The last portion served as a control. The experiment revealed a significant difference between the baking soda and salt. With the baking soda, a faster browning was observed, and the onions came out very sweet, with caramel notes. The salt had no significant effect on the browning but did enhance the savory flavor. Also, the onions with salt retained a slight acidity that could not be detected in the baking soda portion. The onions that were browned with the baking soda and salt mixture (1:1) had the best flavor, probably due to the enhanced savory taste from the salt combined with the rich caramel sweetness.
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Son2 gets hellish indigestion from onions, so this has got to be worth a try
Thank you  

I gave it a good test last night not the little bits like the previous time.. I ate a whole onion fried in olive oil with some baking soda. Other than a few burps     ( maybe from some cheese ?) I was ok. The onion was sweet too.
In the past it has been so bad I thought I was having a heart attack !

Isn't the spice asofoetida (sp?) supposed to calm indigestion when added to things that can cause it or wind problems?

MrsWW wrote:
Isn't the spice asofoetida (sp?) supposed to calm indigestion when added to things that can cause it or wind problems?

True I learnt a long time ago that I could take Baking soda or even milk for avid attacks and they work. So this is like taking it together    

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