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One year old today.

Alf our lurcher, 10 x more mischief than any other pup I've known, trees and shrubs been chewed and debarked, the back lawn looks like I'm keeping pigs rather than dogs lol but wew are getting there slowly but surely haha.


Good luck with him

Now how you feel.  Sasha is going thru that biting stage and has not lost any baby teeth yet so they are so very sharp.  Hope you training goes well.  I can start taking her out on Thursday as she has now had her second jabs
Yorkshire Geordie

Lurchers must built the same as Patterdale Terriers - forever on the go, smelling/licking/chewing/eating/beggging/running - ALL the time.  
Owners have to get used to it -  it gets easier for us to accept as time goes by.
I wouldn't change any of it now.  

haha cheers folks, I suppose in all honesty a pup is a pup and they're all as crackers as each other and it is more of a case of me forgetting that lol.  

He looks like trouble  

Each time we have a puppy we realise how hard it is and how much we have forgotten    
It's been 8 years since Grace joined the family and now we just have Grace and a sedate 11 year old lurcher (she was trouble when she was a pup.....)

Exactly the same as us Kaz, we are considering a terrier at the mo' but finding a good tempered, house trained, adult, male, that can live in or out, and has an interest in killing rats that is needing a home is rather difficult lol.

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