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One of the thrills of keeping poultry.

Not quite as thrilling as seeing newly hatched chicks poking out from beneath a broody but very close to it. This morning I found the very first egg from this years home hatched and reared pullets.
Obviously not a very big egg but this big excited kid will be having it on toast for dinner.  
I don't know why but I expected the first eggs to come from the Anconas but this was definitely a Light Sussex egg.

Love finding the first pullet egg. Realistically I'm not expecting any until the New Year, I sold all the early hatched pullets and only have the later hatches left.
I'm already making plans for next year, breeds, numbers etc.

I agree, these are this year's, they are about 25 weeks and have been laying a few for the last three weeks.    
I did the same, rushed into the house, "look, look, the first pullet eggs. !!!"

They are from "your" Light Sussex Bodger


I am rather biased of course, but they're looking really good.

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