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One of the cats does a few tricks

I took some photos today of one of my cat's, Peaches.

Bit blurred but made me laugh

And this  

And what Peaches thinks to it all

That second photo shows a fantastic if wistful expression on her face  

She was totally foxed by her mentor and idol, Chewey, climbing in through the kitchen window.  Well we all were since the back door right next to it was wide open.  But anyway, Peach now thinks it leads to Narnia or somewhere mysterious and she was just generally confused  :: .

I like the first photo - it reminds me of our cat :-)

The expression on her face in that first photo :smt103
Cats are obviously superior to mere humans and an expression like that shows who is boss rolleyes.gif
farmer jones

Lovely cat, lovely photos. Well done      

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