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One of teh worst breeds to hatch Reza asil

I have had them since 1997 in thir present strain and always struggled to get eggs if I bred 10 chicks I counted myself luck but this year so far about 80 chicks loads mire eggs full and loads not even used
I have large Carlisles 3 pens of them and only one hen has laid at all what a strange season

knowing you as I do, if you aren't hatching, then nobody is. Its nice to see you mate.

Hopefully that hen's good reproducing genes will be passed on to the chicks.  

Why don't you just let them hatch their own Nigel? They are one, if the, best mothers about.

I have a 14 or 15 year old asil hen here, she hatched 6 from 7 eggs last year, just had 9 from 10' and then a further 8 from 9 from her daughters.

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