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One of my favourite times of year.

I love it when this time come's round each year....Mable the Polecat below came into season 3 or 4 days ago so quickly grabbed my hob ferret chalky(although he's about 5x the size now compared to the photo of him here) and lobbed him in to get the ball in motion as it were!! Mable has been an absolute star in her first year,she moves like lightning and is such a good worker,we never have to wait long for carrot crunchers to appear when she enters the buries.Only down to a few myself now so hopefully touch wood all going to plan i we should have some new additions within the next couple of months....yeeeeeeeeeee ha!!

Young Mable with her first outing

Chalky as a Kit
Dave C

Very Smart mate
One for the Pot

Good on you RB, you can't beat a good days ferreting in good company.


So,so true....thanks chap's

Is it Normal for a man to get excited by ferrets and polecats????...well i dont care anyway,i'm so excited...if i have my dates correct then i am thinking it could possibly be this week that Mable gives birth.I will try and get a photo of her if i can in the next day or so although they are quite hard to photograph at the best of times and she is super all over the place at the moment,but you really want to see her,the coat is as shiny as anything and if ever there was a text book copy of a polecat i think she would qualify!!  

Finger's crossed for a result for you, mate  

I get really excited if I have kits due too. There's something really appealing about mini-carpet sharks isn't there? I jsut think they're absolutely hilarious to have around the place, especially when you get a few of them latching onto your fingers trying to look scary. My hob Ted was absolutely side-splitting when he was a of his tricks was to stand stock-still looking completely thick before bolting to try & get a few moments of freedom, then launching into a wardance of he succeeded in outsmarting you  

My lot aren't breeding this year. I recently had my hob vasectomised as he's jsut too big to take kits from, so if I want kits next year it'll be from new blood.

They've all lost their winter coats now, & are looking like sleek furry missiles!

Too right woodsmoke and never heard the "mini carpet sharks" before,i'll remember that one!!
 Managed to get the photos earlier i knew i would have half a chance of sort of keeping her still when i stuck some cat food caked in gravy in!!

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